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We differentiate our offering & our value add by holding tightly to
10 key principles.

Data is an ecosystem

Data is not just bits and bytes of information. Data is an ecosystem, comprising four dimensions: STRATEGY - the alignment of business and data strategies; ANALYTICS - diligent data analytics; PEOPLE - data-driven people; INFRASTRUCTURE - forward-leaning data infrastructure. Each dimension is individually important. But data’s true power resides in the collective; the interdependencies between these dimensions. Only when these dimensions work in concert can data sustainably – and disruptively – impact business.

Data's value should be measured by business impact

Data impacts businesses in many strategic and operational ways – not least by improving decision-making, increasing efficiency of operations, and creating new revenue streams. A positive impact on the business is data’s ultimate goal.

'Data' is not a strategy

Data ambitions need a reality check. Chasing the latest technology trends or popular data-use cases with “guaranteed” ROI is not a data strategy. Data strategies need to be built around a sound framework that acknowledges not only where a business wants to be but also where it currently is.

Data due diligence opens value-creation opportunities

Our analysis of the value of data, its potential opportunities and related risks enables investors to attribute premiums or discounts during M&A processes. Likewise, our Data Validation Framework places deeper information at the fingertips of executives, resulting in improved strategic and operational decision making in the value creation process.

Data due diligence is a modern upgrade to traditional due diligence

Data due diligence builds on the strong foundations of ‘traditional’ due diligence by recognising the growing importance of data in today’s businesses and – more specifically – to the investment decision-making process. Just as data due diligence reflects the rapid digitisation of business, DataDiligence follows suit by striving to maximise digital channels in all our processes and, wherever possible, deliver remotely.

Data is a valuable asset

Intuitively, people understand that there is value in data. Intuitively, they also know that data has the potential to add significant value to businesses. But data is rarely measured and operationalised with the same rigour as other key assets. Data is a valuable asset and should be treated as such.

Data is a CEO opportunity

In the data-driven economy, data strategy and accountability has been elevated beyond operations. Accountability now sits in the CEO’s office and on the boardroom’s agenda. Data has impact on business - as a whole. Therefore, it needs to be actively managed from the very top.

Data due diligence is a rigorous & structured process

Data due diligence is no different to audit, financial, legal, or commercial due diligence. It needs to be performed with the same rigour, diligence, and accountability.

Data due diligence is a collaborative effort

As an advisor, DataDiligence analyses the entire data ecosystem, frequently reviewing proprietary and highly privileged information. Therefore, all our projects are performed in complete collaboration with key client stakeholders. In the instances where we are supporting a wider M&A process, we commit to sharing our findings and recommendations with both the vendor and target.

No rose-tinted glasses; delivering the promise of data

Too many data projects fail because businesses are looking for a silver bullet. For most, 'data' has not been an overnight success. It is time to acknowledge that creating and executing a data strategy is a craft - comprising hard work and a series of many small steps to build the foundations of a solid data ecosystem. It’s time to tone down the data hype and accept the reality that unlocking data’s worth takes time and diligence. Executives and investors need access to more comprehensive information that informs more thoughtful decisions to maximise and sustain the value of data.

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