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Making the intangible tangible

I’m starting with a bit of a rant!

Ocean Tomo recently released an interim update to their Annual Study of Intangible Asset Market Value (IAMV). Crucially, the study finds that 90% of the S&P 500 market value is composed of intangible assets, up from 84% in 2015. While intangible assets are now responsible for 80% of all business value.

Why is this important?

Because a significant – and growing – portion of a business’s value is #data. Yet, few companies have ‘data’ as a Board agenda item. And alarmingly, a #datastrategy is often confused as software rollout, or worse still, an ERP system!

Intuitively, people know that data is valuable, but few companies recognise its true economic value – its potential to solve business problems, enable #strategy and #optimise outcomes.

I wonder how many of my LI contacts can categorically say that the company they work for has a data strategy linked to the overall corporate KPIs?



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