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CDO who?

Stephen Gosset’s recent article proves to be a tour de force on the challenges of what makes an ideal Chief Data Officer and what should they actually do?

With comments & research from Cindi Howson, author Peter Jackson, West Monroe's Doug Laney, and NewVantage Partners, its packed with insights for budding #CDOs and business leaders alike.

The article considers key questions like: Should CDO’s be defence or offence minded? And what is the ideal balance in a CDO background between technical, business and communication skills?

But perhaps the most compelling findings come from Laney’s research, stating that organisations with a CDO are:

💥 4 times more likely to use data to transform their business

💥 3 times more likely to freely share data across the business

💥 7 times more likely to generate external monetary value from their data

💥 Twice as likely to run advanced analytics, rather than basic operational reporting, than organizations that make a CIO responsible for data assets

💥 3 to 4 times more likely to formally value their data assets

Which rather begs the question – do you have a CDO in your company?


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