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The role of a CDO

Last week, I posted a poll asking: What do you think is the role of a Chief Data Officer?

Well, if we’d been playing ‘Who want to be a Millionaire’, the correct thing to do would have been to ask the audience!

At DataDiligence, we agree with the 67% majority that a CDO needs to harness a skillset well beyond the ‘traditional’ subject matter expert.

A CDO needs to be an agitator. An ambassador. Business savvy. Resilient. A skilled translator of 'data speak' into business language. And an influencer – who communicates the business ambition clearly, whilst providing technical and layman’s clarity on how data can help achieve that goal. And all while driving the rapidly incremental work streams that epitomise data projects.

No small feat!

That’s where DataDiligence can help.

We support our clients by helping them frame their core business problem(s). And then identify potential data solutions and use cases in a tightly articulated Data Strategy and roadmap.

Then – often in the role of interim CDO – we help implement the steps required to get that strategy moving. This could be: motivating budget with investors/shareholders; building the data infrastructure; hiring and/or augmenting a data science team; sourcing data service providers; managing the data PMO; communicating with stakeholders; getting the first models to MVP; measuring the incremental gains, … .

Or, as in our poll – ‘all of the above’!


Thank you to those who voted and to Arvind Murali M.B.A., M.S. whose fabulous article triggered last week’s poll (a link to the article can be found in the comments).



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