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Chelsea Wilkinson

Co-founder, CEO

Chelsea Wilkinson is a senior communications, investor and corporate relations executive with a 20-year track record as a trusted executive and advisor within private equity, M&A, professional services and consulting.

With extensive international experience, she has led teams through crisis, growth, succession and large-scale M&A.

In November 2020, Chelsea co-founded DataDiligence, a specialist consultancy providing data diagnostics to enhance data’s business impact. DataDiligence provides crucial data insights and diligence into strategy, data ops, decision making and M&A.​

Previously, she was the Head of Corporate Relations for premier African alternative asset manager, Ethos, for 18 years before establishing her own, UK-based boutique consultancy Atholhurst. ​

Chelsea is a dual national having split her schooling and career between South Africa and the United Kingdom. She holds a BA/BSc (hons) Business Studies, and Radio, Film and Television, and is a member of the Institute of Internal Communications, UK.​

Chelsea writes a weekly LinkedIn post on data science and private equity. Her posts can be found in our Points of View section.

Chelsea Wilkinson
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