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Value driven, not data driven

Combining domain expertise in investing, data science, machine learning, AI, data engineering and change management, we support our clients to deliver both outputs and outcomes.

DataDiligence is a boutique consultancy that helps private equity firms and portfolio companies unlock the economic value of data.


From data & AI due diligence to data strategy and use case delivery, we work across the investment cycle to identify, verify, accelerate, institutionalise, and realise value from data, AI, and machine learning. 

Data is valuable.  


But, data’s value is hard to unlock.  It's not reflected on balance sheets.  And data projects are - notoriously - failing (80% of the time according to Gartner).

Also, while many investors and executives intuitively understand data’s value - the data itself and the ‘ecosystem’ surrounding it is not being rigorously assessed within commercial due diligence. Nor is data being actively built into business strategies beyond a misconstrued dotted line to IT spend.

We aim to change this.

Our mission

Our mission is to help businesses and investors identify, extract, and monetise the consumer, product and operational insights buried in their data. 

We are committed to delivering the highest quality advise to our clients.


Our team of experts draw on years of expertise, plus the latest technology and tools to analyse data, data infrastructure, people, and process to provide insights that are actionable and valuable.

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Our values

Accountability & drive

We are driven to recommend and develop professional, well-crafted solutions which deliver measurable, long-term value. 


We are obsessed by shifting outputs to outcomes.  

Communication & transparency

Our projects are structured to include regular communication, documented processes, and diligent tracking of deliverables, enabling our clients to stay in the driving seat to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Innovation & iteration

We are constantly exploring new technologies and techniques to improve our advise and services. We believe that innovation and constant learning is key to delivering the highest quality advisory to our clients.


Our core team

Our core team of data, analytics and investment specialists is surrounded by a network of 50+ domain experts and delivery partners whom we collaborate with on a need-by-need, client-by-client basis. 


Meaning that we can scale up or down to meet demand and project scope.  


Co-founder, CEO

Chelsea Wilkinson

Chelsea is a senior communications, investor and corporate relations executive with a 25+ year track record as a trusted executive and advisor within private equity, M&A, professional services and consulting.


Senior Data Associate

Veronika Bauer

Veronika is an experienced data science manager and product owner with extensive experience in applying advanced analytics, data analytics and mathematical modelling to solve real-life business issues. She studied International Politics and Diplomacy, and Mathematics and holds master’s degrees in both fields.


Data Associate

Zbigniew Peplinski

With prior experience across multiple industries, Zbigniew joined DataDiligence in 2022. His expertise lies in connecting data initiatives to business value, promoting internal adoption, managing change during data maturity, and translating outputs into outcomes. He holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics).


Co-founder, Managing Partner

Adam Votava

Adam is a senior data science manager with 15+ years of experience from large corporate, consulting and start-up worlds. He has built his career on using data science to solve challenging business problems.


Data Associate

Daniel Penchev

Daniel is an experienced data scientist. Drawing on his previous experience as a data mentor, he has been with DataDiligence since 2021 over which time he has gained deep, client-facing expertise crafting and delivery data & AI strategies. He holds a Masters in Physics and Space Science.

Join us

DataDiligence and data science more broadly is highly collaborative.


We love to share ideas, insights and methodologies. Our talented staff are expected to share concepts and solutions with the team. 

If you're interested in joining our team, please review our openings here.

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