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: Working with you

DataDiligence is a contemporary consulting firm; addressing contemporary business challenges relating to 'all things data'.
We support clients across the entire data value chain, particularly investors and executives seeking investment thesis validation and/or valuation during the transaction assessment phase. These services often happen in conjunction with a traditional commercial due diligence and then migrate into longer-term engagements in the value creation phase into realisation.

How we help you

Typical private equity value chain

Our services:


Due Diligence








Desktop analysis
Due diligence*

Value Add

100-day plan
Value levers & PMO


Exit readiness & process
IM & exit pricing parameters
*We believe data due diligence should be a standard work stream within traditional commercial due diligence
  • Understanding data's true value: strategic, operational & pricing

Validation & Valuation

  • Improved decision making
  • Operational efficiency/ optimisation
  • New revenue streams

Value Creation

  • What premium does data present on realisation?
  • What is data's future potential?

Validation & Valuation

We also support management teams looking to optimise data's impact on their businesses, both strategically and operationally. Plus, our project management office (PMO) expertise greatly enhances the likelihood of successful implementation of data strategies.
: Typical data due diligence client engagement model



  • Scoping, investment/ project parameters, identify participants, FAQs & requirements

Data DD Questionnaire

  • Data Validation Framework digital questionnaire

  • ~25 mins to complete / 3-7 participants


  • List of dataroom requirements

  • Secure environment


Deep-dive interviews

  • One-on-one/team session to test  & flesh out SAPI assessment




Findings & way forward

  • Collaborative preliminary findings process, followed by report & SAPI recommendations, including:

    • VALIDATION - what data assets are in place, plus those not yet leveraged (hence not in the ‘books’)

    • VALUATION - should you pay a premium or discount for data assets?

    • VALUE CREATION - what is blocking the realisation of the value of data (focusing on decision making, optimisation & monetisation)

Consider this...

…PE firms could get a real jump on their competition, probably several years, by determining a methodical approach to valuing a company's data and data-related capabilities, and developing a set of benchmark ratios…

...how can data add value to your business?

There are numerous ways data can influence your business success, but for the most part businesses use data in these three ways:

  1. Inform and improve decision-making

  2. Revamp and refine operations

  3. Create new streams of revenue

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