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From BI to AI

Our expert team has delivered over 150 projects, across geographies, sectors, data and business maturity

All things data

From data sources, ingestion, platforms, analytics, transformations, machine learning, data products, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, pilots, and deployment - we advise on all things data.

Our staff and delivery partners come with decades of experience across use cases, technologies, and software.

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Outputs to outcomes

We are obsessed with converting data outputs into commercial outcomes.  After all, simply delivering a data model doesn't shift behaviours, decisions, or actions. 


We work with our clients beyond the deployment of a model to support teams through the change, adoption, and refinement process to deliver measurable results.

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Multi sector, multi maturity, multi geography

Our clients are typically small and mid-cap private equity funds and their portfolio companies - meaning we've worked on nascent data strategies and platforms, through to sophisticated, AI-first technologies.  

Naturally, SaaS, fintech, insurance, retail, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing feature heavily in our client list.  

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Domain-expert delivery partners

When working on large data & AI delivery projects, we draw on our proven network  of delivery partners.  Meaning, our clients benefit from the right expertise, at the right time, and at the right competitive price point for their ambition.

Also, we are not bound by geography or language (including code language!), and are able to staff projects across the globe with expert resources.

"Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves."

Tim Berners-Lee

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