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Welcome to the team, Hongya Liang!

DataDiligence - and data science more broadly - is highly collaborative. We love to share ideas, insights & methodologies. Which is why we are extremely excited to have Hongya join our team of consultants.

Hongya is an experienced data scientist. She has helped many traditional businesses along the digitalisation process to adopt innovative analytics to realise business potential. With a strong academic background in mathematics – her doctorate research focused on the macro-economy and financial markets.

She joins DataDiligence as a Data Associate, where she will support our clients to formulate business-aligned data strategies and explore the economic value of data assets.

Commenting on why she decided to join DataDiligence, Hongya said:

“It is a great pleasure to find a team that shares the same vision. We believe the value of data and data science is far beyond numbers and models. It will be a wonderful journey to explore the economic potential and valuation of data assets with DataDiligence.”

Born and raised in China, Hongya has lived in the United Kingdom since her undergraduate studies.

She holds a PhD Finance, from Aston Business School, Aston University, plus a MSc Mathematics, Loughborough University and BSc Mathematics Loughborough and Shandong University (jointly).


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