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"What value does data present to investors?"

Has been a burning question at the heart of DataDiligence since our inception.

Over the past year (and as the volume of our data due diligence engagements increases) we are seeing more and more investors ask this same question. Trying to solve how the usage of data is impacting the operations and business model of the targets they are assessing. And - most critically - they are also trying to better understand how data might be used to drive potential and drive value tomorrow. Particularly, how can data and advanced analytics be used to power faster, smarter, and more effective solutions?

So, I was delighted to read (and contribute) to my fellow female founder, Zandra Moore’s recent article, titled:

Why was I so excited?

Because Zandra and her team understand, first hand, the capital raising market - where she has successfully attracted capital to grow Panintelligence into a leading ‘SaaS for SaaS’ business.

Also, she’s not writing this article as an M&A advisor. Rather, she’s coming at it from the perspective of a founder, seeking capital, and appreciating just how competitive the venture market is.

So, her ‘coal face’ insights into how embedded analytics strategies add value are - well - invaluable!

Finally, without giving too much of her article away, the sentence that I know I’m going to take away is:

“SaaS vendors are increasingly valued more for their data than their software”.

We agree, Zandra!


Zandra's article can be found here.


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