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About us 

Founded in 2020, our mission is to enable businesses to truly transform into value-driven, data-informed organisations. 


We are a contemporary consulting firm, supporting clients to solve contemporary data problems. We believe our solutions support improved decision making, long-term performance and sustained value creation from data for investors and executives alike.

Adaptive business model to meet client needs

DataDiligence has a highly receptive business model. 


Our core team of data, analytics and investment specialists is surrounded by a network of 50+ experts who we collaborate with on a need-by-need, client-by-client basis.  Meaning that we can scale up or down to meet demand and project scope.  






Adam Votava is a senior data science manager with 10+ years of experience from large corporate, consulting and start-up worlds.


He has built his career around using data science to solve challenging business problems under various contexts. He quickly established himself as a subject matter expert for senior executives in his network. 


Throughout his career, Adam has built and managed many talented teams in international environments. 


In November 2020, Adam co-founded DataDiligence, a specialist consultancy providing data diagnostics to enhance data’s business impact. DataDiligence provides crucial data insights and diligence into strategy, data ops, decision making and M&A.

Adam was born and raised in the Czech Republic. He studied Law and Mathematics at the Charles University of Prague, and obtained master’s degrees in both fields. 

Adam writes a weekly data reading list blog, click here to view and follow.





Chelsea Wilkinson is a senior communications, investor and corporate relations executive with a 20-year track record as a trusted executive and advisor within private equity, M&A, professional services and consulting.  


With extensive international experience, she has led teams through crisis, growth, succession and large-scale M&A. 


In November 2020, Chelsea co-founded DataDiligence, a specialist consultancy providing data diagnostics to enhance data’s business impact. DataDiligence provides crucial data insights and diligence into strategy, data ops, decision making and M&A.

Previously, she was the Head of Corporate Relations for premier African alternative asset manager, Ethos, for 18 years before establishing her own, UK-based boutique consultancy Atholhurst.  

Chelsea is a dual national having split her schooling and career between South Africa and the United Kingdom.  She holds a BA/BSc (hons) Business Studies, and Radio, Film and Television, and is a member of the Institute of Internal Communications, UK.

Chelsea writes a weekly LinkedIn post on data science and private equity.  Her posts can be found in our Points of View section.




Data associate


Nathan Steer begins his career with DataDiligence! 


He joins us as a Data Associate having recently graduated from the University of Manchester with a Masters in Astronomy & Astrophysics – where his thesis drew on advanced machine learning techniques to find the ideal model to classify SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey) data. The resultant models found that the data was able to be identified with an accuracy of 98.24% using only ~25,000 datapoints, compared to the original ~300,000 datapoints needed*. 


Commenting on why he decided to join DataDiligence, Nathan said:


“The diverse set of tasks and solutions that DataDiligence performs will help grow my skills in a wide variety of ways, some of which I haven't imagined yet!”

Nathan holds an MSc by Research, Astronomy & Astrophysics from the University of Manchester, and a BSc Astrophysics (first class) from the University of Hull.


He is a keen squash player and can’t wait to get back to regular matches. He also enjoys a variety of athletics, though is mostly focused on sprints, and watching Liverpool FC. Sports are not his only interest, as he enjoys science fiction classics such as I, robot and the Lensman series, the latter helping him identify physics as the area to study.

*The data in question involved using multiple spectroscopic redshift measurements rather than imaged photos of galaxies, quasars, and stars.