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CFO insights: Data is the tide that lifts all ships

Last week, Adam and I had the privilege of presenting to the CFOs within Bowmark Capital’s private equity portfolio, showcasing the vast opportunities that data and analytics bring to the CFO office.

Our discussion highlighted the evolution of the CFO role from financial reporting to becoming strategic partners who drive value creation throughout the organisation.Here are the key themes we covered:

  • Data is a CFO opportunity.

  • Data is the common factor in all projects & decision making; implementing robust data foundations is the tide that lifts all strategic & operational ships.

  • Don’t assume “we’re doing this already” – most are not.

  • Technology is just a tool – long-term differentiation & value will be driven by proprietary data & insights.

  • Doing nothing isn’t an option – speed of technology evolution means the gap is widening; start now to improve performance, exit readiness & pricing confidence.

  • Anticipate data & AI due diligence.

  • Every company is a data company!

The attached article builds on these themes and serves as inspiration to all CFOs seeking improved performance.

20240508 Data for CFOs
Download PDF • 4.54MB


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