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DataDiligence continues to build out client delivery team

Today, Daniel Penchev joins the DataDiligence team. He is an experienced data scientist having worked as a research assistant and intern in the fields of space and atmospheric science. More recently he has turned his analytical expertise towards business.

He joins DataDiligence as a Data Associate, where he will build on his experience as a data mentor, to guide our clients through the application of data science methodologies to solve business problems.

A Master’s graduate from the University of Southampton, Daniel wrote his MPhys thesis on: Impact of magnetohydrodynamic landing systems on future Mars manned missions. [Indeed, we don’t know what that means either!]

Daniel holds a MPhys, Space Science from the University of Southampton.

He is bi-lingual (English and Bulgarian) and an avid sportsman having competed internationally in fencing. He also enjoys triathlon and is a casual skiing enthusiast. Unsurprisingly, he also likes to test his analytical skills on sports data and statistics.

Commenting on why he decided to join DataDiligence, Daniel said:

“The direct and simple vision of the company; to bring value through data, is something that has always interested me both at an academic and commercial capacity. I am thrilled to join such a learned team in this mission.“


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