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We're growing & hiring

We never take our role as employers lightly. It's a huge responsibility - especially as we hear news of huge lay offs at Big Tech companies - Twitter, Meta, and Amazon.

Which means that announcing two vacancies is something we take seriously. But, we are equally seriously excited!

Today, DataDiligence has announced that we are looking for two senior appointments:

  1. Data Lead

  2. Data Due Diligence Lead

Below are the outlines of the types of people we hope to attract to our rapidly growing firm:

You are likely a Head of Data & Analytics, or Chief Data Officer, with 5+ years’ experience crafting, developing, and deploying data solutions – a true practitioner.

In this vein, we expect you to have failed. And to have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of data science – and to have created a few monsters yourself! After all, data science is a craft. But, you’ve learnt by experience. Honing your skills. Creating efficiencies. Collaborating and learning from others. All with a view to striking a balance between what is practical today, versus, what might be needed tomorrow.

You will use these years of experience to deliver commercial solutions, and practical insights that enable our clients to unlock the economic value of data in the short and medium term. This will be achieved through your ability to engage and hold senior-level conversations, write compelling reports, and craft recommendations – all of which are underpinned with best practice, well-constructed investment plans, and years of pattern recognition.

You are likely a commercial due diligence consultant, with 2-5 years’ experience, looking to deepen your understanding and insights into the fields of data and analytics, data monetisation, and the valuation of data, specifically.

It’s highly likely that you have worked on projects where you have seen both the potential and commercial impact of data and analytics to business models, product development, and growth. And in each of these instances, your curiosity and business acumen has wished you could dig deeper.

You will have developed a keen interest in the value derived from digital transformation across different sectors and have an ambition to build on traditional due diligence to validate and offer value creation recommendations across the data ecosystem.

You will draw on your demonstrable M&A experience to lead data due diligence projects (buy and sell), using your commercial acumen to build a bridge between the worlds of business and data. Thereby, enabling our private equity and corporate clients to make better informed investment decisions – that balance defensive and offensive data strategies – to validate and realise their investment thesis.


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