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AI readiness

How AI ready is your business? Or the business you are looking to invest into, or divest from?

'AI readiness' is now, arguably, the first question we are being asked to assess in our Data & AI Due Diligence, by investors and management teams alike.

And, its easy to understand why. Every day, we are reading more and more about the power of AI, especially generative.

It's exciting. Absolutely!

But, we also need to be pragmatic to the reality that many businesses are just not yet ready for AI - generative or not.

So, we've been sharing this slide, to help investors and management teams think about the enabling foundations required to successfully implement AI:

  • Clean, representative data sets

  • Infrastructure & computation

  • Talent and leadership

Noting that even if you have all these pieces in place, if you don't have the correct:

  • Protections & ethics

everything that you build could be destroyed.

Our Data & AI Due Diligence - both buy or sell side - dives into each of these core areas to assess the current maturity and functionality of the entire data ecosystem - from the foundations, all the way through to any existing AI, and machine learning. Plus, what are the gaps to achieving the investment thesis and value. And what are our recommendations on how to close those gaps.

[Also - as an aside - we also perform a very similar diagnostic process post investment, where perhaps data and analytics hadn't been validated prior to pay away, but is important to the value creation journey.]

Interested in hearing more about Data & AI Due Diligence?

Please don't hesitate to reach out.

We are trusted experts, able to work to tight timeframes alongside other due diligence work streams.


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