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Better dealmaking through data

AI & algorithmic trading is widely used in public equities, if not entirely understood. But how is #datascience being used to improve #privateequity investing?

Here are 8 takeaways from Private Equity International's article - Better Deal Making Through Data:

· 67% of PE CFOs believe that the greatest impact of #ai on PE will be felt in the next 5 yrs (31% in 10 yrs)

· Globally, #origination is still largely a human endeavour #networkingg, word of mouth, etc); just 3% of respondents use AI for sourcing

· EQT Group developed the #Motherbrain platform (great name!) to “model the world” & identify emerging trends

· Hg has a 20-strong data team spending 1/3 of their time on pre-deal; identifying the value potential of data within a target to firm up investment conviction

· Compelling examples are emerging of PE firms using data to boost & de-risk portfolio company #performance

· Larger PE firms usually build data expertise in-house; mid-market players typically outsource

· Pandemic has accelerated #dataanalytics adoption as firms experiment with new ways of working


Originally posted on LinkedIn:


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