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On the shoulders of giants

If you’re interested in #privateequity listen to Hg’s Nic Humphries talk to RJ Lumba on last week's GrowthCap podcast.

In under 30 mins, Nic walks us through his journey into private equity, underpinned by some wonderful adages describing Hg’s enduring culture, like: ‘Client. Firm. Team. Me.’

Having worked in PE for nearly 2 decades, I was most compelled by his no jargon, conversational style. There wasn’t a TLA in sight. No IRRs. Not even a humble DCF! Instead, an unpretentious, passionate insight into #technology#investing.

Unsurprisingly, I was also listening for his views on the benefits of #data which I've paraphrased:

#AI, #machinelearning, #bigdata are providing profound opportunities for customers & end-consumers to get huge benefits. For example, in B2B, the opportunity to use machine learning & algorithms to provide customer service (like answering those incredibly dull, repetitive questions like ‘have you switched on the monitor?' means that customer service rep's can focus on solving more complex customer problems. And in healthcare, #algorithms can schedule nurses' home visits in a more productive way. Meaning that more people should have less illness.


Originally published on LinkedIn:


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