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Every company is a data company

Irrespective of sector. Geography. Or maturity. Every single company in the world creates data as a result of its operations. And almost every company in the world controls its data. But not every company uses its data to unlock and harness the economic benefits that could flow back into the enterprise.

These are some of the concluding remarks made by Adam Votava during our keynote presentation earlier this month at The Riverside Company's annual Leadership Summit in Arizona.

To a packed ballroom of Riverside's operating and investment partners, plus senior executives from across their 120+ portfolio companies, we urged everyone to do more with their data. And harness its latent power to drive better decisions, optimise operations, and create new revenue streams.

I encourage you to watch the highlights from our presentation. And then contact us to explore how you could be doing more with your data (or your portfolio companies' data) to enhance performance and valuations.

PS - and a huge thank you to The Riverside Company for inviting us to speak and share three insights-filled days with your team and stakeholders.


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