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Every deal is a data deal

Data is a modern value premium in every business – fuelling solutions, innovation, and performance.

As such, data requires a fair valuation, premised on the economic value derived from data-infused opportunities.

A decade of multi-billion investment into digitalisation has radically altered business models. Coupled with COVID-led acceleration, IT systems and customer platforms have been transformed.

And what do all these digitally evolved systems and processes have in common?


They facilitate the collection and curation of more and more data. Meaning, as the volume, variety, and veracity of company data increases, so does its potential business impact and value – value that needs to be factored into all M&A investment decisions.

To validate and grasp the data opportunity, savvy investors are seeking to perform data due diligence aimed at underwriting data-specific risks and opportunities.

We partner both buy and sell-side, to help investors answer questions like:

  • How real and proprietary are the data, AI, and machine learning capabilities?

  • Can data and analytics further optimise/automate the business? Plus, how effectively is data being leveraged to power business & operational models?

  • What more can be done with the data at hand (or supplemented with new sources) to add material value and competitive advantage?

Vitally, assessing data is not unique to SaaS or software businesses; all businesses generate and can use their data more effectively to make better decisions, drive optimisation, or generate new revenue streams.

Therefore, every company is a data company. And every deal is a data deal!

20220803 data due diligence profile
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