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Supercharging client & partner success

Maintaining excellent client acquisition and retention is challenging - particularly as a small, but swiftly growing consultancy.

Early on, Adam Votava and I recognised that we needed to deeply understand our clients’ experience and lifecycle to scale our start up. Yet, as a small team, we sometimes struggled to balance new client acquisition with delivery.

We also recognised that we needed to ‘institutionalise’ our skills in sales, partnership programmes, project management, and relationship building - all with the objective of consistently improving our services.

So, we’ve taken the early decision to supercharge our client relationships and delivery - by hiring a Customer & Partner Success Lead.

Accordingly, we are delighted to announce that Leoš Gerlich has joined DataDiligence - where he will be playing the pivotal role of anticipating our client and partner challenges or questions, and proactively providing solutions and answers.

Commenting on why he decided to join DataDiligence, Leoš said:

“I have been in the data world for many years and experienced first-hand the untapped potential of data. Over this time, I’ve seen many companies – in different sectors, geographies, and business maturities – grapple with delivering and measuring data’s value.
In this new role, I am looking forward to mobilising solutions that lift performance, have material impact in the long term, and enable our clients to realise data as a true asset.”

We are so excited to have Leoš on the team and can't wait to introduce him to our clients, partners and network.


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