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AI leaders experience 4-5x higher revenue/profit uplift

Companies categorised as ‘Laggards’ with respect to analytical maturity could generate 81% more profit if they were to become as mature as ‘Leaders’.

81%! Wow.

That’s according to Kearney who surveyed +300 companies in 40 countries to compile The Impact of Analytics in 2020 – rating participants on an analytical maturity scale: Laggards, Followers, Explorers, Leaders.

The survey also revealed that while Explorers and Leaders invest in #AI similarly to their less mature counterparts, they experience 4 to 5 times higher uplift in revenue/profit for their endeavours.


They focussed on #value & truly understand the areas where AI can shift outcomes - effectively leveraging their investment.

They also had:

✅ company cultures adept at experimentation

✅ C-level #analytics leaders (with not only technology skills but also the technical know-how to deploy AI pilots), plus a

✅ well-developed analytics roadmap.

Kearney’s findings echo our experience.

Which is why we help companies develop analytics linked to business-critical outcomes, while building #dataanalytics passion & capability. And drive implementation of an actionable roadmap - playing the role of interim #CDO where needed.


Originally published on LinkedIn:


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