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It’s easy to assume that #bigdata and #advancedanalytics are the exclusive domain of sexy #startups or deep-pocketed giants. But the benefits hold true for #privateequity owned businesses too.

Irrespective of size, portfolio companies can also harness #data to optimise operations, enhance top-line #performance, and sharpen competitive edges.

I would argue that augmenting data is the next natural step in #digitalisation – which fund managers adopted across portfolios over the last decade.

Just as operating partners guided the rollout of IT and ERP systems then, I encourage them now to transform the data those systems generate into economic value, by using predictive #algorithms and #machinelearning.

In a world where #valuecreation is more important than ever, advanced analytics not only offers the promise of significant value during the holding period but can also play a crucial role in the investment thesis of a subsequent buyer.

Simply, unlocking data is the next wave in portfolio company productivity and valuation.

And if you’re not sure where to start, DataDiligence can help you. By thinking big. Starting small. And scaling fast.


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