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What's the AI/analytics opportunity for PE?

LinkedIn poll

“GPs and LPs that choose not to embrace automation and analytics will become second tier in the medium term and may completely disappear from the market in the long run,” said PwC's director Dr. David Alich in a recent Financier Worldwide Magazine interview.

Together with fellow colleague, Dr. Clément MENGUE, Ph.D. they lament that ‘private equity can be horridly conservative in adopting new trends and evolving capabilities.’ Yet quickly move to the compelling opportunities that advanced analytics and intelligent process automation present for fund managers and investors.

Where do you see the greatest opportunity for private equity fund managers to deploy AI and advanced analytics in the next three years?

· Enhancing deal origination/asset screening

· Streamlining due diligence

· Post-acquisition value creation

· Improving fund accounting and reporting

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