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Tesla: automaker or data company?

Famously, Uber is the world’s largest taxi business – but doesn’t own any taxis.

Airbnb is the world’s largest accommodation provider – but doesn’t own any real estate.

And while Tesla, the fastest-growing car stock (and among the fastest-growing companies) in the world, is certainly “selling more vehicles and energy solutions and yes tequila than ever before, this is not the only reason why the company’s valuation is increasing. But rather, it’s Tesla’s unparalleled use of data,” says Elizabeth Mixson

Arguably, it’s the unparalleled use of data that sets all these companies strategies, operations – and valuations – apart!

For each have distinct data strategies and ecosystems: articulating data’s curation, ingestion, analytics, outputs, and decision-making, to name a few.

So, why isn’t the due diligence of data assets standard practice in all new investments?

And why isn’t data – its application, visualisation, and monetisation – being systematically baked into the private equity deal lifecycle from origination, value creation, to exit?

We intend to address these questions and offer our insights and solutions at ‘Every Deal is a Data Deal’, on 11th October, at Sedulo, Leeds - from 16h00-18h00.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please register for the event here:

And click here to Elizabeth's Tesla article:


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