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Year in Review

All start-ups begin with a dream and — hopefully — a unique proposition which the market recognises and needs.

When we founded DataDiligence in October 2020, we knew that much of the business world was intrigued by the potential of data and advanced analytics. Yet, for many it was a 'mystical', untested place, compounded by jargon, and frequently misconstrued as an information technology discipline — and cost!

So, we set out upon an evangelical journey; spending almost as much time 'educating' (via articles, posts & presentations) as we did driving a client pipeline.

Our goal?

To bridge the gap between the worlds of data science, business, and M&A. And with >250 c-suite conversations conducted over the 261 working days available, we feel we've made some headway.

But, like data science itself, we know that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Only by shifting mindsets from analytical outputs to economic outcomes can we prove the ultimate value to companies and investors pursuing data strategies.

Below is a selection of KPIs we set for ourselves last December. And yes, we're delighted to say that we exceeded our targets!


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