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Why data due diligence?

Two questions for private equity & corporate finance professionals :


How many Information Memoranda have you read recently that made statements like: 'AI-backed decision making', 'Advanced automation’ or 'Proprietary intelligence'?


Do traditional investors have the in-house skills to deeply assess a company's data ecosystem? Datasets? Algorithms? To validate these statements and inform valuations?

Data Due Diligence enables private equity and trade investors to assess how effective a target company is at leveraging data and analytics to power its business and operational models? After all, you can't determine the economic value of data in isolation of the business.

Working with our experienced data due diligence experts, you will be enable to:

✅ Validate what’s really there!

✅ Understand data’s true value - both strategic & operational.

✅ Determine data’s future potential.

✅ Identify breakout opportunities.

✅ Inform valuations & underpin pricing confidence.

This is what one of our client’s had to say about their experience of working with us:

“I see a growing need for data due diligence. DataDiligence's findings enabled us to make a faster, more informed investment decision.”

Managing Partner, US-based private equity fund.



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